Investment Corporation of Van Thai with over 20 years experience specializing in the electronics industry activities in Vietnam market.

1991 as a distributor of electronic components products such as IC, transistor, capacitor, … in the southern market. Van Thai quickly the leading electronics companies in countries such as VTB, Belco, California, Tien Dat, … selected as the supplier.

In 2007, the brand launched Van Thai LEGI – Electrical Appliances advanced Korean technology with convenient products: infrared stove, grill pans, vacuum cleaner, … preferred by consumers.

In 2009, the brand expanded into lines LEGI specialized welding products such as welding machine TIG, MMA, … has made a firm position in the market with distribution systems throughout the nation.

Since 2013, Van Thai brand development LEDCenter target a lit market potential of Vietnam with modern LED products, cost saving and environmentally friendly.

By staffing resources and strong financial strength, and a business strategy effectively orient future. Thai Van strives to become the “distributor multidisciplinary” leading in Vietnam. With the thickness of the activities of international trade, Thai Van continues to find products with better quality, optimize the investment cost of the Customer. These services, products bearing the trademarks owned by Van Thai are of high quality standards, stringent manufacturing processes and best suited to the tastes of customers in each country in which Van Thai investors.

The investment activities of Van Thai continuously create added value for its shareholders and employees. At Van Thai, we are building the successful development of the Company’s focus is based on trust and successful partnership together.